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You can explore Rheinfels Castle on your own or immerse yourself in the history of the fortress on a guided tour. Classic guided tours are available for individuals or groups of ten or more. Further offers can be obtained from the tourist office of the town of St. Goar.

Festivals and events at Rheinfels Castle

The Burg- und Hansenfest takes place every year on the first Sunday in August. This is where the Hansen family meets for the annual convention, to cultivate customs and friendships from all over the world and to accept new Hansen brothers into the International Hansen Order in St. Goar am Rhein.

On the third Saturday in September, St. Goar and Rheinfels Castle host the “Rhine in Flames” fireworks spectacle every year. Enjoy large fireworks displays from land or from a ship from Rheinfels Castle, from Katz Castle near St. Goarshausen and from the middle of the Rhine.

Castle museum with exciting insights

In the castle itself you will find the local history museum, which provides information about the history of the fortress and the town of St. Goar. Immerse yourself in the castle's exciting past with the help of numerous exhibits, excavations, written and display boards in German and English, lithographs and old writings, which provide a great insight into the history.

The exhibits cover a time span from the ancient Romans to the beginning of the 20th century, when the reconstruction plans for Rheinfels Castle began to take shape. The situation of the castle and fortress around the year 1600 is also illustrated by a realistic model.

The basement of the museum houses exhibits from the areas of trade and commerce. Among them are the tools of a cooper, equipment from a fretsaw factory and from a bookbindery. A special feature of this room, which incidentally is an original barrel vault dating back to 1371, is the old Rheinfels pharmacy.

Entdecken Sie die Burg auf Ihre Art

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