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Numerous events take place at Rheinfels Castle and in St. Goar throughout the year, offering a colorful mix and something for everyone. In spring and summer, for example, there are guided hikes to Rheinfels Castle, starting from St. Goar and heading towards the castle.

Anstehende Veranstaltungen

In addition to hikes, cycle tours are also offered from St. Goar/Werlau, for example by the TuS Werlau cycling club, which invites guests, visitors and cyclists from all over to take part in a tour.

Castle Museum open all year round

In addition to the museum of local history, which visitors can visit all year round, the castle itself also has plenty of other cultural attractions. For example, vernissages, changing exhibitions and numerous other events take place.

Mega fireworks display at “Rhine in Flames”

The “Rhine in Flames” event is a special event in the region. On a weekend in September, the two sister towns of St. Goar and St. Goarshausen are the setting for this major event with stalls, a music program and the real highlight: a fireworks display in a class of its own. More than 100,000 people regularly gather for Rhine in Flames on the banks and heights of the Rhine to witness a true spectacle of lights and flames. The Middle Rhine becomes a beautiful romantic backdrop for this event, which can also be admired from one of the 60 ships in the accompanying boat parade.

The market square in St. Goar also hosts markets such as a French gourmet market and a Christmas market.

Entdecken Sie die Burg auf Ihre Art

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