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Exploring the historic walls of Rheinfels Castle is an exciting experience. The fortress, which is only partially preserved today, has a lot to offer and can be explored on your own. It is best to pick up a map of the grounds directly at the castle ticket office. Afterwards, you can wander through the ruins on your own and trace the castle's long history in the mine passages. For adults and children alike, exploring the maze of defense and underground mine passages is like walking through a huge adventure playground.

Corridors were filled with powder in case of danger

To be able to explore the mine passages properly, you should bring a flashlight or use the flashlight function on your smartphone. This is a real help when you venture deep into the mine passages and go exploring.

The mine passages at Rheinfels Castle are a special feature of fortress construction. Originally, they were used to ward off enemies by filling the passages with powder in case of danger. Enemies who tried to gain entry could be blown up in this way.

Robber and gendarme feeling at Rheinfels Castle

Fortunately, today you no longer have to worry about being blown up as an enemy of the castle and can wander through the labyrinths in peace and quiet and go on an adventure like in a cops and robbers movie.

Entdecken Sie die Burg auf Ihre Art

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