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The Federal Garden Show (BUGA) will take place in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in 2029. The UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches along the Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen. Around 170,000 people live within these 70 kilometers of the Rhine. The region is famous for its picturesque landscapes, historic towns and castles such as Rheinfels Castle near St. Goar.

BUGA 2029: total budget of 108 million euros

BUGA 2029 will give visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty of this unique landscape in a new way. To this end, garden landscapes and parks are to be created, each of which will have its own character and present its own story. The program is complemented by guided tours of the historic castles or wine tastings, where guests are introduced to the history of winegrowing in the region.

“BUGA 2029 will sustainably design attractive open spaces that will offer visitors an eventful stay. This will generate the necessary income for BUGA GmbH. To round off a day's visit, subsequent excursions to the numerous hotspots in the respective surroundings are a good idea. The base areas are therefore anchor points for a larger valley area,” explained Sven Stimac, Managing Director of Bundesgartenschau Oberes Mittelrheintal 2029 gGmbH.

The BUGA Upper Middle Rhine Valley 2029 is planning a total budget of 108 million euros. The states of Rhineland-Palatinate (48.6 million euros) and Hesse (6.3 million euros) will bear the lion's share of this. The BUGA itself is expected to generate 38.7 million euros. The World Heritage municipalities contribute 14.4 million euros to the overall budget.

BUGA already a guest in Koblenz in 2011

The Federal Horticultural Show takes place every two years, and every ten years as an International Horticultural Exhibition (IGA). It shows the most beautiful gardens and parks in the country. The premiere took place in Hanover in 1951. One of the early highlights was the redesign of Hamburg City Park in 1953, which was in a poor state at the time. This list also includes the redesign of the Stuttgart Palace Gardens (BUGA 1977) and the Westpark in Munich (IGA 1983). Today, these are among the most popular parks in Germany and are an important part of the cultural and leisure activities in the respective metropolis.

Koblenz, which will once again be a focal point of the BUGA in 2029, already hosted a Federal Horticultural Show in 2011. Back then, almost four million visitors came to the city on the Deutsches Eck between April and October. A highlight to this day is the cable car built between Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

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